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"I am a family physician and public health specialist, and have lived and worked in Africa, Asia and North America. I am passionate about health-care development and am a co-founder and director of Healtheon Asia.

This is a collection of my thoughts, travels and things I can't otherwise classify."
- Dr Armid Azadeh

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cancer Hopes - Burzynski Clinic

If you have researched the Burzynski Clinic and Research Institute on the internet then I have no doubt that you have encountered very polarized opinions ranging from the avid supporter to the vehement sceptic. I would like to give you an overview of the treatment they offer and my personal perspective as to why Healtheon is collaborating with them.

The media and internet comments generally portray The Burzynski Clinic as an alternative cancer treatment facility. This is where the majority of the scepticism comes from I believe, as they have been lumped together with the likes of Gerson and other treatment modalities that truly have no scientific evidence. Burzynski has also been labelled as pseudo-science, in attempting to gain credibility in scientific eyes by publishing loads of poorly designed data. This is what formed the basis of my initial scepticism.

The buzz word in cancer therapy now is gene-targeted therapy. The largest oncology centres around the world are increasingly using gene targeted medication which is seen as the future of oncology, of which there are over 40 registered now I believe, in treating the various kinds of cancer that patients present with. Each medication has a particular indication for which it has gained FDA and other medicines control councils' registration (so for example x drug is indicated for colon cancer with x gene marker). This is exactly what the Burzynski clinic has been doing, but to a greater degree, and with more individualized therapy.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Why Invest in Health in Indonesia

What determines the health of a nation? How does one determine the burden of disease that the population has? Is it the average life expectancy? Or is it a series of statistics reflecting child and maternal mortality/morbidity? While the most accurate answer is likely a combination of these suggestions and others, child and maternal mortality statistics are frequently used to ascertain the state of a population’s health.